Chemistry dissertation by rafi ahmad

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Chemistry Dissertation By Rafi Ahmad

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They provided me towards an outstanding paper. Title of Dissertation. Mineral Profile in Ruminants of Canal Irrigated Districts of Punjab and the Effect of Dietary Cation Anion Difference on Lactational Performance of Nili Ravi Buffaloes and Beetal Goats.

Kachroo A study on the chemistry of natural products from indigenous medicinal plants Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Wani Sabreena Rafi Invitro morphogenetic and metabolic -Ph.D Degrees through collaborative work with other Universities.

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Name of the candidate Title of Dissertation Name of University Supervisor(s) Year. The degree of Doctor o f Philosophy Dissertation, Stanford University, [6] S.

Mealig,‘ The Sciknce of Computer ”. Evan Kias (M.S. ). Thesis Title – Evaluation of Cracking in Notched Asphalt Concrete Samples. Nayan Saha (M.S. ). Thesis Title – Determining Subgrade Variability in Pavement Design.

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Chemistry dissertation by rafi ahmad
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