Making theses and dissertations available electronically

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Making theses and Dissertations Available Electronically

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Making Theses and Dissertations Available Electronically provides librarians with a practical guide for making theses and dissertations available in electronic format. It also provides academic staff and students with an overview of recent developments in this area.

You should receive an email when your PASCAL or ILLiad item has arrived. If you are not receiving emails, please check your profile in My Library Account for PASCAL, or ILLiad account for Interlibrary Loan. Items requested through Interlibrary Loan may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to arrive depending on the item's type, availability, and the shipping method used by the lending library.

The African Journals Archive. The African Journals Archive is a retrospective digitisation project of full-text journal articles published in Africa, in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, providing access to a multi-disciplinary, multi-country digital archive of Africa’s research and cultural heritage contained in its journal literature.

eDissertations Electronic Dissertations ELF Exclusive Licence Form Used by a number of publishers ePrints (1) Primarily, any electronic version of an academic research papers. A major area of preservation for some national libraries is electronic theses and dissertations.

Major operational systems are in place in Denmark, Sweden, and India. (The activities in Denmark and Sweden are described in Section ).

Making theses and dissertations available electronically
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