Outstanding dissertations in linguistics

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AAHHE and ETS Outstanding Dissertations Competition

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Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics. Artificial Hearing, Natural Speech Cochlear Implants, Speech Production, and the Expectations of a High-Tech Society.

By. structural linguistics with an emphasis on phonology and anthropological Garland Press, New York (Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics). Rosalind Pearson and Janet Bing. Is Feminist Humor an Oxymoron?

Women and Language, XXVII, 1: Lesbian Jokes: A Reply to Christie Davies. Her theoretical linguistics study, Linking: the geometry of argument structure (Springer), explores how a verb’s conceptual/semantic arguments map to their syntactic positions.

Other current projects focus on how linguistic analysis can improve legal language and on the “grammar gap”: the teaching (and non-teaching) of grammar. Schroeder graduated in May with a master’s in linguistics.

The Outstanding Thesis Award recognizes and rewards a graduate student whose thesis has been identified by the Graduate School as outstanding among all those submitted during the previous academic year. OUTSTANDING DISSERTATIONS IN LINGUISTICS LAURENCE HORN, General Editor TURN-TAKING IN ENGLISH AND JAPANESE Projectability in.

Publisher Series: Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics. Publisher Series by cover. 1–2 of 2 (show all) Works (2) Titles: Order: The Northwest Caucasian Languages: A Phonological Survey by John Colarusso: Object and Raising in Spanish by Nora Martinez González: Links» Add a link.

Outstanding dissertations in linguistics
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